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June 05, 2009

NSN Daily Update: 6/05/09
Posted by The Editors

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What We’re Reading

Taliban tactics are starting to alienate regular Pakistanis as debate continues over the Pakistani Army’s offensive against the Taliban in the Swat Valley. A suicide bombing in the northwest part of the country kills 30.

European Union interior ministers agreed to cooperate on sharing information regarding accepting detainees from Guantanamo Bay.

British Prime Minister Gordon Browns reshuffles his Cabinet as the latest Cabinet member, the Defense Minister, resigns. The Labour government continues to face turmoil over the expenses row, as it got trounced in local and European elections..

Russia seeks membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Trade Organization, despite the dismal conditions within the international economy.

Commentary of the Day

The NY Times, the Washington Post and the LA Times discuss how Obama’s speech in Cairo is opening new opportunities between the United States and the Muslim World. Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livin discusses the importance of democratic participation, not just holding elections in the region.

Amir Taheri outlines Hezbollah’s chances in the upcoming Lebanese election.

Albert Grimaldi and Charles Clover discuss the US’ role in preventing the overfishing of the world’s oceans.

Craig Hooper discusses the US’ waning navel influence in the Pacific Ocean.


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Sorry for the pedantry, but I suspect Craig Hooper is discussing waning naval influence, not navel.

I am very interested in it, could you please tell me some more imformation? Thank you!

Thank you...

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