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June 01, 2009

NSN Daily Update: 6/01/09
Posted by The Editors

See today's complete Daily Update here.

What We're Reading

North Korea put a long-range missile on its launch pad.  South Korean sources speculate that the launch could come when South Korea’s president meets with President Obama on June 16.  South Korea shifts from its previous conciliatory stance on North Korea.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected U.S. calls for a West Bank settlement freeze.
  The U.S. weighs its response.

Pakistani forces cleared the Taliban from the main city of Mingora in Swat Valley.  Today they fight Taliban forces on two fronts.

South Ossetia elected its own parliament, another step away from Georgian rule.

Commentary of the Day

Bill Powell profiles Kim Jong Un
, poised to be Kim Jong-il’s successor.

Clive Crook discusses the problems of Afghan bureaucracy. 


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