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April 24, 2009

How is Liz Cheney an Expert on Interrogations?
Posted by Adam Blickstein

Dick's daughter Liz been all over MSNBC and the media after her interview with Norah O'Donnell where she vigorously defends her daddy's torture regime, but I can't find any instance in the past where she's been vocal on the issue. She was the Bush administration's Middle East Democracy expert at the State Department (remember when democracy was on the march there but then pretty much stopped in its tracks?), but after a thorough search, I can't find any interview previous to this one, either in print or TV, where she provided public commentary on interrogation methodology, the success or failures of various detainee policies, nor the efficacy of "enhanced interrogation."  The only way I can see that she qualifies as an authoritative voice on this issue is that she shares the same name and blood as the torture policy's architect. But her defending torture reminds me of a few other times where the Bush administration trotted out husbands, wives and siblings to defend or support tenuous situations, and provide a familial ladder to help them escape from deep political holes:

Former President George HW Bush defends his son's record:

George HW Bush: He's gonna come home with his head high, knowing he ran a clean operation and he kept this country strong and free after an unprecedented history attack of 9/11. He'll have a lot too be proud of and he can start by his mother and father being very proud of him...and we always will be.

Chris Wallace: You said there earlier there are some things he could fairly be criticized for. Would you like to tell me any of those?

Bush: "No. You can go back to your, what do you call it.... Your Google, and you figure all that out."

Lynne Cheney lashes out at CNN for airing terrorist propaganda:

LYNNE CHENEY: Well, you know, right there, Wolf, "BROKEN GOVERNMENT." Now, what kind of stance is that? Here we are. We're a country where we have been mightily challenged over the past six years. We've been through 9/11. We've been through Katrina. The president and the vice president inherited a recession. We're a country where the economy is healthy. That's not broken. This government has acted very well.


CHENEY: Well, right, but what is CNN doing running terrorist tapes of terrorists shooting Americans? I mean, I saw Duncan Hunter ask you a very good question and you didn't answer it. Do you want us to win?

BLITZER: The answer is, of course, we want the United States to win. We are Americans. There's no doubt about that. Do you think we want terrorists to win?

CHENEY: Then why are you running terrorist propaganda?

BLITZER: With all due respect -- with all due respect, this is not terrorist propaganda.

CHENEY: Oh, Wolf.

And then of course there's this from the 2000 election:

'Don't let him concede. It's not over yet. 'Five minutes later, Gore was on the telephone to Austin for a second time that night. 'Circumstances,' he said, once through to the Governor of Texas, 'have changed. I need to withdraw my concession until the situation is clear'. 'Let me make sure I understand, Mr Vice-President,' said Bush. 'You're calling me back to retract your concession'. 'There's no need to get snippy about it,' said Gore. Bush replied that his brother Jeb was the Governor in charge of the Florida ballot. Gore's voice retorted: 'It may surprise you but your younger brother is not the ultimate authority on this.' 'Mr Vice-President,' said Bush's voice, 'You need to do what you have to do.'


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Thorough Search? Christ on a Cracker - even WikiPedia has enough history on Liz Cheney to explain to a third grader why she has insight to American policies in the region.

I guess the arsenal is not one of intellect. Damn - if this is the future of democracy we ARE screwed.

How is Liz Cheney an Expert on Interrogations?

I don't know about "expert" but she was former Deputy Assistant to Condoleezza Rice - and daughter of the former Vice President Dick Cheney. I'd defend my dad too if so many people were lying and slandering him unfairly.

Cheney Puppet Liz invokes the fake 911 talking point.

Family sociopaths for profit.

Bulls on Parade ~

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One of the reasons the founding fathers established the first amendment was to do away with the idea of seditious libel - libeling the king...

There's no need to get snippy about it,' said Gore. Bush replied that his brother Jeb was the Governor in charge of the Florida ballot. Gore's voice retorted: 'It may surprise you but your younger brother is not the ultimate authority on this.' 'Mr Vice-President,' said Bush's voice, 'You need to do what you have to do.'

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