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March 17, 2009

NSN Daily Update 3/17/09
Posted by The National Security Network

See today's complete Daily Update here.

What We’re Reading

China could emerge from the financial crisis stronger than before, using stimulus for growth.  China’s companies are purchasing assets around the globe in the worldwide fire sale set off by the economic crisis.  Mexico strikes back at the U.S. with tariffs in an ongoing trade spat.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown gave a speech on nuclear nonproliferation, saying that the UK will “reduce its arsenal of nuclear weapons as part of a coordinated move with other nuclear states towards disarmament.” Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says Russia will rearm and develop its nuclear forces as NATO expands near its borders.

China is trying to export carbon emissions, arguing that international demand for Chinese goods means that the counties that import the goods are responsible for the emissions created during their manufacture.

Madagascar’s president will resign and hand power over to the military, after troops stormed the presidential palace yesterday and installed the opposition leader.

Commentary of the Day

Anne Applebaum wants a targeted legal investigation, not a Congressional “circus,” to seriously pursue those who authorized and carried out torture as described by Mark Danner’s New York Times piece.

Thomas A. Schweich outlines essential pieces of a comprehensive solution in Afghanistan and urges the Obama administration to work with Hamid Karzai.

Bret Stephens slams elements of the left who supported Afghanistan as the “necessary war” in contrast to Iraq but are now against the war as “another Vietnam.”

The LA Times praises the elections in El Salvador and sees a chance for the U.S. to mend fences.


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