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February 24, 2009

Foreign Policy and "the Speech"
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

When I saw the text of Obama's speech to Congress tonight, my first thought was, when has a president ever introduced the national security section of his State of the Union through the budget??

My second thought, as someone who watched a previous president and his staff agonize about how much national security was enough, how nice  and perhaps unexpected it was to see a first-term president with the self-confidence to say, ok, I'll do my Iraq-Afghanistan speech on Friday and leave it out of the SOTU.  

My third thought, having sat through the whole thing, is to point out how we are moving toward a worlcd where there is no "foreign policy section" because the issues are woven seamlessly through a framework of issues affecting America, energy security, global warming, and other issues.

My final thought, having seen excerpts of the Jindal response, is to note that apparently for all his "newness" the GOP doesn't have a retooled message on national security yet.  We'll see how that goes over.

**On this last point, CNN's Dana Bash just reported a GOP Congressman Twittering to his colleagues that he "wished the war was on page one of this speech."  Ol' playbook's the only playbook they've got.


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Obama's committment to developing alternative forms of energy is directly related to national security concerns. By getting the nation off its dependence of foreign oil we will have made it not necessary to have expensive military obligations with the oil rich Middle East. Obama did an effective by mentioning how government and industry could work together to develop alternative energy like they in the past with railroads and the national highway system. While Jindal in his rebuttal was very negative and cynical in his views about government. The Republicans really need to get over their unpatriotic attitude towards finding governmental solutions towards this nation's problems.

Obama's committment to developing alternative forms of energy is directly related to national security concerns. By getting the nation off its dependence of foreign oil we will have made it not necessary to have expensive military obligations with the oil rich Middle East.

I agree that slowing down imports will probably help the US economy. Especially from countries like Japan who really haven't been playing fair all along.

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Hi. I agree that slowing down imports will probably help the US economy.

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