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December 09, 2008

Some Light Musings on the Special Relationship
Posted by Patrick Barry

This eloquent plea to Secretary Gates by Allan Mallinson, gives good flavor to the problems presently marring U.S.-Britain relations, and also lays out a few concrete steps in the area of defense policy that show how this decline could be reversed.

One advantage of Obama taking office in January is that it will probably lay the groundwork for reinvigorating the 'special relationship.'  It's easy to forget, in a context of near global dissatisfaction, that even alliances as fundamental as our relationship with Great Britain have suffered considerable strain over the past 8 years. As the occasional surfacing of squabbles over counterinsurgency, or more substantively, the war in Afghanistan, indicate, deep grievances exist.  If you accept Mallinson's argument, then resolving these differences will be key if the Obama administration expects to make the substantial alterations to current U.S. foreign policy that it has so far discussed.


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