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September 11, 2008

Shaky, Shaky
Posted by Max Bergmann

Palin clearly does not feel comfortable talking about foreign policy. She did a fairly decent job at remembering the core Republican talking points but everything was jibberish after that. Charlie Gibson at one point even described himself getting "lost in a blizzard of words." Gibson also exposed her lack of familiarity with foreign policy, by challenging her to define the Bush doctrine, which she was completely unable to do. I'm sorry being able to define the foreign policy doctrine that defined the Bush administration is kinda important.

Any one that was seriously concerned by her lack of foreign policy experience, ought to be even more concerned after this interview.


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Why do I get the sneaking suspicion that if she had clearly explained the Bush doctrine, right now I'd be reading a d_arsenal post titled 'Palin Supports Bush; More of McSame!'

I understand that this is an overwhelmingly Democratic-leaning blog, but when I see five posts every day saying the same thing, and no critical analysis of Obama or Biden, I get the exact same feeling as when I read a news article about how some dictator has just happened to win 99% of the vote in his last 'free and fair' election.

She probably thought the Bush Doctrine was a kind of hunting technique.

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