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September 27, 2008

Beyond Words
Posted by Patrick Barry

This post is from NSN Press Assistant Hanna Lundqvist:

In the analysis of last night’s debate, much attention has been paid to John McCain’s body language. McCain’s refusal to look at Barack Obama, his hunched and combative stance, and his facial tics all contributed to making him look disrespectful, “grumpy,” and unpresidential. But his body language did not just mean that he may have been having an off-day, or was uncomfortable, or was expressing his dislike for Barack Obama – it was evidence of his worldview.

John McCain is a unilateral person with a combative mindset. Instead of embracing the opportunity to hold a productive debate, John McCain pushed his own agenda and did not engage with his opponent. Last night, he physically expressed the philosophy that brought us his dismissal of allies, his combative stance on Russia, and his refusal to engage in strategic diplomacy with Iran. John McCain’s physical performance last night, let alone his words, represented his dangerous worldview and his poor foreign policy judgment.


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