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August 05, 2008

NSN Daily Update: A New Direction for Iran Policy
Posted by The National Security Network

Again, the Daily Update can be found on NSN's website.

Here are some Quick Hits:

1250 Marines were ordered to extend their tour in Afghanistan by one month, completing a mission of ‘top priority.’ Impromptu troop extensions have become indicative of the Department of Defense’s misallocation of resources in the war.

A Pakistani scientist educated in elite US universities was detained in Afghanistan after assaulting two soldiers and F.B.I. officers. Aafia Siddiqui, a neuroscientist, allegedly has ties to top al Qaeda operatives held in Guantanamo.

The panel of jurors began its second day of deliberations in the case of Salim Hamdan at Guantanamo Bay. A verdict by the 6-person panel is expected soon.

A senior Sunni tribal leader allied with the US was ambushed and killed by gunmen in southern Baghdad. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been targeting Sunni tribal leaders since the start of the “Awakening.”

President Bush today kicked off his tour of Asia, which will culminate in the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics, in South Korea.

An earthquake of the magnitude 6.0 hit the Chinese province of Sichuan just hours after the Olympic torch made its final stop in the capital of the region.


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