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August 07, 2008

Immoral AND Incompetent
Posted by Michael Cohen

For obvious reason everyone these days is focused on the presidential election, but lest we forget George Bush is still our President - and every once in a blue moon it's worth marveling at the utterly incompetent individuals who have been running our federal government for the past 7 1/2 years.

Example of the day: the Gitmo military tribunals and the trial of Salim Ahmed Hamdan, Bin Laden's driver (apparently next up for prosecution is Osama's valet and then his cleaning woman).

As many DA readers are no doubt aware these proceedings were hardly what one would consider fair trials. Hearsay evidence is allowed, evidence gathered in coercive interrorgations can be used against a defendant, the trial is basically held in secret and as the New York Times describes in its editorial today the person convening the trials was also working pretty closely with the prosecution. That the trial is a stain on American jurisprudence and our natio's adherence to the rule of law is uncontested.

What is amazing however, is that even with all these advantages in their favor the Bush Administration was only able to get a guilty verdict on a lesser charge, and saw Hamdan found not guilty on the far more serious charge of conspiracy.

So even though the Bush Administration had the deck stacked completely in their favor, they still lost. It's like the Washington Generals beating the Globetrotters. Honestly how stupid are these people - how do you lose what is basically a sham prosecution and a show trial?

So there we have the epitath for the Bush Administration - "immoral AND incompetent."


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