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July 26, 2008

Voting Against the Troops
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

McCain's campaign knows it's in trouble.  Obama just rocked an impressive international trip in which he showed not only the type of signal that he would send to the world, but that he does in fact have a greater grip of the issues.  Meanwhile, McCain was at home embarrassing himself on the Anbar Awakening and flailing around on timelines.

So, naturally on cue.  Here come the really nasty, disgusting personal attack ads about how Obama hates the troops.  Ya, of course he does.  Which is why he got this incredible reception from American forces in Kuwait. 

But, I'll let others address the reason that these claims are absolute garbage.  I wanted to focus on McCain's claim that Obama "voted against troop funding."  Well guess what?  So did John McCain.  Last year during the fight over Iraq troop funding and withdrawal from Iraq we saw two rounds of bills.  The first would force the President to begin withdrawing troops within 120 days.  It passed and was vetoed by the President.  John McCain voted against it and supported Bush's veto. So according to John McCain's own definition he himself voted against funding the troops.  Obama voted against the second round of bills, which did not include any attempt to force the President to bring American troops home.

If we want to have a real policy debate we should have it.  But Republican attempts to cast disagreement about the war as "voting against the troops" is disingenuous and not good for our country.  The American people wizened up to these kinds of phony attacks.  John McCain claimed to be above that type of politics.  But he obviously is not. 


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