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July 03, 2008

Understanding a President's Intent
Posted by Shawn Brimley

Senator Obama has not changed his position on Iraq! I really don't understand how the media can get these things so completely wrong. Obama has always stated his intention to end the war in Iraq. His desire has been to withdraw one or two brigades (~3,500 troops each) a month until all combat troops are out.  This is his intention.  He has always held firm however to the imperative to be as careful leaving Iraq as we were careless getting in. It's amazing to me how even the prospect of taking a little more time leaving Iraq due to the conditions on the ground (it is a war after all, and no plan surives first contact with reality) is somehow taken to be an error or something to be criticized. There is a real, vital, basic difference between the candidates - one intends to leave, another intends to stay.  It's that simple people.

McCain advisor Max Boot on the Commentary blog:

In order to build on the success that General Petraeus and his soldiers have had, we need to maintain a long-term commitment in Iraq-for 100 years if need be, as John McCain has said. That doesn’t mean 100 years of fighting; clearly, that would be unsustainable. It does mean a long-term troop presence designed to reassure Iraqis of our commitment to their security against an array of enemies.

How many people think we can stay in Iraq for any length of time and a) not be perceived as occupiers and b) continue to be forced to fight those who want us to leave?

That's what I thought...


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