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July 24, 2008

New blog to add to the roll
Posted by Max Bergmann

Jim Arkedis has started a new blog over at PPI. Jim is an all around good guy and his blog is sure to be another important voice in the growing community of national security blogs. Today Jim rips the Bush administration and Condi Rice for their confused statements on North Korea:

By her own admission yesterday, Condolezza Rice had a “good meeting” on nuclear disarmament with North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Ui-chun.  But the White House still couldn’t bring itself to admit it was negotiating with the Hermit Kingdom.  Instead, US officials called the get-together a “conversation.”

What’s more, the FT bizarrely quotes the White House this week saying it would “still consider [North Korea] as part of an ‘axis of evil’”.  Never mind that the Bush administration removed Kim Jong Il from the state sponsors of terrorism list last month.


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