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July 07, 2008

Anti-Smoking Campaigns (or why I love Egypt)
Posted by Shadi Hamid

When I'm in Egypt or Jordan, my clothes often end up smelling like smoke, not because I smoke, but because almost everyone else does (I think airplane toilets and Starbucks are the only two places in, or above, Jordan where you can't). Maybe this will change, but it probably won't. Still, the Egyptian government is going to start trying. It's set to launch an "anti-smoking campaign" soon. As an AP article from last month informs us, however, the powers-that-be ran into some problems:

For the new label requirements, authorities field-tested a variety of images. They found that warnings linking tobacco with death were not particularly effective with Egyptians, since dying is perceived as inevitable anyway.


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Air quality test results by Johns Hopkins
Town can't ban smoking, attorney says
By Prentiss Findlay (Contact)
The Post and Courier
Thursday, June 26, 2008 LINK TO THIS STORY WAS DELETED we wonder why but I have retained the original story.

COLUMBIA — An attorney for Bert's Bar argued Wednesday before the state Supreme Court that the town of Sullivan's Island does not have the authority to ban smoking in the workplace.

Bert's Bar attorney Paul Dominick said that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, through the state Department of Labor, regulates workplace smoking.

Justice Donald Beatty questioned Dominick's assertion.

"I don't tend to agree that what you say is the case," Beatty told Dominick. "So you're saying we were wrong when we ruled on the Greenville issue?"

Justice James Moore noted there is no state or OSHA regulation that relates to smoking.

"What you're wanting is for this court to be the first court to implement this as far as OSHA is concerned," Moore said. "If we were to agree with you, then we would have to overturn Foothills (the Greenville case)."

Frances Cantwell, representing the town, said a Supreme Court ruling in March that upheld Greenville's smoking ban validates the Sullivan's Island ordinance. Cantwell said the ordinance does not conflict with the state's Clean Indoor Air Act and compared the town ordinance with Charleston's 2 a.m. closing time for bars. Cantwell said all the issues were decided when the court issued its ruling upholding the Greenville smoking ban.

"Sullivan's Island does not punish any conduct that the state regulates," Cantwell said.

The court will issue a written opinion but has not said when it will do so.

Bert's Bar is closed. The owners said part of the reason for closing the longtime island establishment was lost business because of the smoking ban.

The attorney's claim actually has more validity than you know:

Air quality test results by Johns Hopkins University, the American Cancer Society, a Minnesota Environmental Health Department, and various researchers whose testing and report was peer reviewed and published in the esteemed British Medical Journal......prove that secondhand smoke is 2.6 - 25,000 times SAFER than occupational (OSHA) workplace regulations:

All nullify the argument that secondhand smoke is a workplace health hazard.
Especially since federal OSHA regulations trump, or pre-empt, state smoking ban laws which are not based on scientific air quality test results.
Mark Wernimont
Watertown, MN.

Listen and listen good, these bans were never about health. That story about health has been used for well over 100 years. The last time prohibition came down was 1919. The last forty years prior 1919 saw the same lambasted health studies back then on alchohol and tobacco. There is nothing new here going on except the date is changed and the nannies promoting it. The cause is still in effect of the prohibitionists arm. People will always have a certain amount of the ”I WANT TO CONTROL YOU” attitude.

We here in america have become seduced by the constant barrage of daily doses of health study propaganda just like it was dished out in the 40 years running up to 1919…..Our great granparents were seduced by the propaganda artists back then either thru church meetings on sunday morning or thru the newspaper in the evening. Its just today we get it 24-7 from cable networks and newspapers and internet…..It takes the strongest of will of mind and body to OVERCOME such seducing propaganda……They have created a mindset in the public perception that tobacco is evil and peopel using it are the scum of the earth…….

the liberal progressives are the ones who are behind the bans and the psudo-science that pushes it…..the craddle to grave crowd.They are also responsible for the global warming hoax being shoved down every memeber of societies throats……..If you dont pull the string to their nanny mentality your bad motuthed and astrocized as a nay sayer a non-believer……..well I am here to tell you keeping your mind in a world full of propaganda day in and day out has its effects on the population…….

we can call it politically correct hatred towards smokers, people of obesity or just being poor….Trust me when I tell you this crowd of antis is the worse lot of folks to come along in a hundred years.there worse that the VICTORIANS…….the hatred these people hold for a smoker is DEATH……….they dont care about law or rights or freedom when it comes to their AGENDA……..nobody is safe from their hatred………Anyway the outdoor bans and everything else from global warming to second hand smoke are all made-up moral dilemmas to scare people into voting for these fools…….

Remember in the public perception it takes only 6 weeks of drilled propaganda to make a lie the truth and these folks have had 40 years to do it. The last time this group used 40 years to brainwash society we got a constitutional amendment that started prohibition and it wasnt just alchohol, it was tobacco being prohibitied too……..14 states outlawed or prohibitied tobacco use during the volstead act…..prohibition.

Before my company enforced the ban on secondhand smoke in the workplace, I suffered from frequent headaches; probably a result of the nicotine shrinking the capillaries in my head. My clothing always reeked of tobacco smoke; and I don't care what anyone says, to me that's about the worst smell ever. Without scientific analysis to back it up; I'd say that now I sleep better, have more energy, and suffer fewer colds. You may not understand unless you have been confined within a closed-up locomotive cab with a smoker. But then if your a smoker, you wouldn't notice or care anyway.

Sure, something is going to kill you: An accident, homicide, terminal illness not attibuted to smoking; but I'd rather not take my chances dying a slow lingering death dragging around an oxygen bottle like my father-in-law did the last few years of his life.

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You can smoke as much as you want only if you're in a place where smoking is permitted.

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