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June 11, 2008

Making Soft Power Look Good
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Richard_armitage2_2 A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Democrats and progressives should stop using the term "Soft power" because despite the fact that the concept is spot on the term is politically problematic.  You know who doesn't have that problem?  Dick Armitage.  He spent a good five minutes at the CNAS conference today talking about the importance of Soft Power and not once did I think to myself - "hmmm..  this guy is whimpy."


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Thank you for your sharing! I like i very much!

I would say in the long term, Democrats will only shed the "soft" label by effectively implementing policies that make America more secure. But in the short-term, what they say and how they say it matters. Reinforcing the public perception of weakness by talking about Soft Power is simply not helpful.

Investor pessimism about the outlook for the United States and European economies was deepened by weak data for the euro zone and a grim assessment from the Federal Reserve.

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