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May 28, 2008

Taking a Stand on Darfur
Posted by Moira Whelan

In a great (and rare) demonstration of political unity, Save Darfur launched a campaign today with the support of all three presidential candidates calling for an end to the violence in Darfur.

It's a great moment of bipartisanship...but not in the David Broder kind of way.

Well done, and hopefully this is just the beginning of an effort to promote a commitment human dignity around the world.

Watch the video here:


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When John McCain says it's "time to get tough," then bad times are ahead. Why on Earth would I sign on with McCain about anything?

McCain's zany war mongering aside, there wasn't one substantive statement in this video. We have to "act" but we're not told how. Kind of hard to get excited about giving broad latitude to the future president to "do something."

We could easily wind up in a Darfur quagmire if we do the wrong thing. And doing nothing is preferable to winding up with a long military deployment in yet another Hellhole.

I persnally believe that the United States needs to put more presure on China in order for the sanctions agianst Sudan to work. As Anita Sharma wrote in a post a few weeks ago, Bush appearing at the opening of the Olympic games in Beijing does not help matters at all. Finally the next president needs to come up with a coalition of African and European powers in order to form a peacekeeping force in Sudan before it is too late.

Peace, why should the Europeans send troops into Darfur if we won't? And why should we send troops at a time that we should be bringing troops stateside rather than sending them abroad?

Because the Europeans, especially the British and the French, have an history of intervening in West African troublespots, and they would not only have the experience of peacekeeping in the region but also the will. Moreve the French have a military base in Dijbouti that is not too far away Sudan which makes it easier to support troops and equipment if a peacekeeping operation is needed for the Sudenese crisis. The United States does not have send to send combat troops but can provide at least some logistical support for the operation.

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Finally the next president needs to come up with a coalition of African and European powers in order to form a peacekeeping force in Sudan before it is too late.

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