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May 06, 2008

McCain's Missile Defense Plan...Czechoslovakia????
Posted by Moira Whelan

A little nugget from MSNBC:

A little nitpicky, but he's still citing a country that no longer exists... McCain just said the United States should set up a missle defense system in Czechoslovakia. Should we assume he meant the Czech Republic?

Note to MSNBC: When you screw up Shia and Sunni over and over, and don't know who's in charge of wars, it is not nitpicky to point out that John McCain has had 15 years to learn that the Cold War is over.


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ah ha ha ha ha... wow, do I hope this man does not become president.

Czechoslovakia, Slobovia, whatever . . .I sure hope we get SOME kind of missile defense system 10,000 miles away. See, I haven't been sleeping very well at night and I think perhaps that's the reason. Nightmares about missiles. Armed missiles. Armed and activated missiles hitting my bed because there's no missile defense in . . .where's that again, Crazy John?

It is only fitting that John McCain would use a name of a nation that existed in the Cold War since his foreign policy seems to be a Cold War relic. There does seem to be a clear divide with Obama and McCain about the American relationship with Russia. Obama wants to get get of the Cold War legacy of massive nuclear stockpiles that are in the American and Russians arsenals while McCain wants a new Cold War.

McCain doesn't want a cold war. He wants an end to conflicts in a manner that best favors American interests. In an age when dangers are increasing, Obama wants to disarm. He's going to have to change his approach if he wants to win over an increasingly skeptical general electorate.

It's scary to think this guy might win in November. His mental capacities just don't seem 100 percent.

We must not allow the mullahs of Kerplakistan to continue training the Shi'ia fanatics in Al-Qaeda. If we do, the Hamas militants who attacked us on 9/11 will have won and will put a burqa on your baby. Look everyone, I'm a foreign policy expert!

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