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April 14, 2008

What Ilan Said
Posted by Michael Cohen

Allow me to take a moment to second Ilan's frustration over recent campaign coverage.

While I understand the fate of the republic relies on whether Barack Obama said working class folks in PA are bitter or not, but I am simply amazed that we are spending so much time on a two-sentence line in a fundraising speech when there is Republican candidate for President running around the world repeatedly confused about whether Al Qaeda is a Sunni or Shiite organization. Examples, here and here.

One would think this might be a bit more important and speak more accurately to one's ability to be an effective commander-in-chief; but then what would I know I'm just an effete, elitist Democrat.


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Many people, especially swing voters, don't vote on 'issues' so much as whether they feel a candidate understands and cares about the problems of people like themselves. To the extent that the 'fate of the republic' depends on the identity of the next president, it does indeed depend on things like Obama's San Francisco remarks.

To David Tomlin:

What is the point of voting if one ignores the issues and votes on bogus issues that revolve around guns and God. I'm sick and tired of these red state voters who vote for their "culture," while our schools and universities get rocked by gun violence, a dollar that seems to be falling by the day, and war in Iraq that has no end. Maybe these value voters need to rise above their "culture," and value the interests of their community and nation.

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