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April 16, 2008

Over 4,000 Dead Americans is an Academic Argument??
Posted by Adam Blickstein

At least according to John McCain from Hardball last night:

We can look back at the past and argue about whether we should have gone to war or not, whether we should have invaded or not, and that's a good academic argument. 


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Yes, let's re-debate whether the US should have gone to war in 2003. And then let's debate whether the US should have invaded Afghanistan in 1998. That way we can avoid 9/11 and the current Iraq war. Right? [note sarcasm]

Now McCain's, Obama's or Clinton's arguments for what to do in 2009. That's what I went to see debated.

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There are over 4000 who won't be looking back!! Some of them will be buried this week.. Sad thing

There are more than 4000, which will not look back! Some of them will be buried this week .. Saddest

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I think it was a necessary step to invade iraq and to go for war because it could alone stop iraq from threatening India and other nations with its terrorism.

We had two World Wars and that should have taught us all a lesson but sadly we still have so much unrest. Instead of spending on war why not try to support a good cause?

I also think the same as the genius commenter above.

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