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April 02, 2008

Lieberman Mixes Up "Al Qaeda in Iran"
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Looks like John McCain's surrogates are taking it to a new level.  Joe Lieberman today decides it's fun to blast Barack Obama.  Except in the process he says this:

If we did what Sen. Obama wanted us to do last year, Al-Qaeda in Iran would be in control of Iraq today.

Oops!  There's no such thing as Al Qaeda in Iran!   

Over the past two weeks, McCain has confused Iran is training Al Qaeda with Iran is training Shi'a.  He also mixed up the facts concerning the agreement to end fighting between the Mahdi Army and government forces.  Lindsy Graham promised there would be 100,000 troops in Iraq by election day and then had to recant.  This is becoming a recurring and embaressing problem.  John McCain's national security team really needs to start minding its Qs and Ns. 

But who cares.  John McCain and his team know all there is to know about national security.  No reason to question anything here.


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Try again. Lieberman said Al Queda AND Iran.

,Al Queda AND Iran would be in control of Iraq today.

Had he said "Al Qaeda in Iran" the wingnut bloggers would have posted translated documents supposedly recovered in Iraq bearing out this very fact within less than a day anyway.

Moral of the story? In the neocon mind, the entire middle east is an anti-American Al Qaeda hotbed, er...except Saudi Arabia...oh wait...

Re: "But who cares. John McCain and his team know all there is to know about national security. No reason to question anything here."

Besides, the Conservative media will immediately begin spinning that "Saint Joe's" statement is accurate and the rest of the media is so cowed and lazy they will not dispute it. By June everyone will be talking about the major threat from "al Qaeda in Iran", and how they have been there for more than a decade, likely based on another phantom meeting in Prague.

To give Holy Joe whatever very little benefit of the doubt he deserves, he probably just mixed up a consonant. It's easy enough to do, but what the heck, as far as he and McCain are concerned "they" all look alike anyway, as well as sounding alike.

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