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March 19, 2008

McCain's Al Qaeda and Iran confusion is a big big deal
Posted by Max Bergmann

Many in the media seem willing to dismiss McCain's statement that Iran is training Al Qaeda as a simple slip of the tongue. This is wrong. McCain did NOT misspeak. If he had simply made the statement once, he could perhaps expect to be given a pass.

But he didn't just say Iran was training Al Qaeda once. He said it in his initial statement (watch it here). He was then asked about it in a follow up question where he repeated it. It is not a simple slip of the tongue if when challenged on the "slip" you then REPEAT IT. [He also repeated it on Hugh Hewitt's radio show]

That is not a gaffe. That is called believing something that isn't true. It is called being confused. And being confused about the differences between Shia and Sunni when claiming that you should be elected president of the United States on your foreign policy knowledge and experience, is simply not okay. This is a big deal.


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However McCains repeating of neoconservative talking points seems to the mainstream media to count as knowledge and experience. Someone needs to take the msm to task for defining what exactly is foreign policy knowledge.

The guy is 71, older than Reagan when he was running in 1980. This is the sort of mental lapse that eldery people suffer from. I find the propsect of his being elected, then falling victim to Alzheimer's, frightening. I can't believe we would take that chance.

John Mccain simply stated the facts. It has been widely reported that the Iranians are training Al-Qaeda. Common enemies make for strange bedfellows.

Well. There is only two possibilities.

1) He is confused about the simplest and most fundamental problem in Iraq. Something that a 9 years old would understand well if he/she is given the chance.

2) He is just trying to engage in the politics of fear. He knows more fear is associated with the word "Al-Qaeda" than "Shia Melissa". There is more fear associated with "training Al-Qaeda" than "Violating Nuclear Proliferation". So he uses the world "Al-Qaeda". Not even "Al-Qaeda in Iraq", which is a different organization with different leadership than the original "Al-Qaeda". It is an organization that happens to have a same name that the one killed many American's on 911, so he wants to take advantage of the name, plays the politics, missled Americans, confuse our intelligent information, hide the facts, and generate a fear among Ameicans that says: Vote for me or die

Vote for me or die. That is exactly the translation of what McCain is trying to say over and over again.

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