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March 31, 2008

Joe Lieberman's Hypocrisy
Posted by Michael Cohen

I have a confession to make to DA readers - and it's a pretty embarrassing one (worse than revelations about my unrequited crush on Dana Perino): I used to like Joe Lieberman. In fact, back in 2004, I actually supported him for President. However, after catching him on This Week yesterday, I feel the need to hang my head in shame.

Here's what Joe had to say about John McCain:

In my opinion, before we solve the problems the American people need us to solve in Washington, health care, the economy, education, global warming, Social Security, fiscal imbalance, we have to solve a problem within a political system, which is hyperpartisanship, a mud fight:  I don’t care what’s really good for the country; I care what’s good for my party.  That’s outrageous.

Of these three candidates, the one who has the clearest record of reaching across party lines, controversially sometimes, to solve a problem, is John McCain.

I wonder if Joe Lieberman would be able to square that sentiment with this one expressed by John McCain on January 24th of this year:

Senator Clinton decided that she wants to surrender, she wants to raise a white flag, she wants to set a date of immediate withdrawal from Iraq after we’ve been winning.

Or how about this on February 27th:

If we do what Senator Obama wants to do, and that’s immediate withdrawal, that would mean surrender in Iraq.

And this on March 13th:

In answer to a question on Iraq, McCain said the Democrat Formula for Iraq is clear: "Surrender to Al-Qaeda and leave."

Hmm, both leading Democratic candidates want to surrender to Al Qaeda - that sounds like just the kind of language that will bring the country together and end the hyperpartisanship in Washington. Good work Joe!


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We have a history of hyperpartisanship and we've survived nicely. I'm more worried about the truth of Barack Obama that is only just now beginning to come out. See:

You don't know for sure that your crush on Perino is unrequited.

Glad you got over Lieberman, though. What did you ever see in him? I was always put off by his school marmish prudery.

What can I say Mike, I'm a centrist at heart -