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February 19, 2008

Democracy Arsenal Stat of the Day
Posted by Michael Cohen

Today's stat of the day is 88% - as in according to a poll taken by Center for a New American Security and Foreign Policy magazine, 88% of active and retired military officers think the military is stretched "dangerously thin."

I've long wondered why the issue of military preparedness has not gotten more play on the campaign trail - this should really be one of the central critiques of the Bush Administration; they're doing enormous damage to our armed forces.  All this talk about staying in Iraq for 100 years or new adventures in Iran seems to fly in the face of the fact that our military isn't really up to the job right now. Whether Obama or Hillary are the party nominee it seems like military preparedness should be front and center - what better way to neutralize Democratic liabilities on security affairs then to make reviving the armed forces a cornerstone of their campaign

It's sort of amazing to think that in 2000 George Bush made a big deal out of the fact that two army divisions were not ready for duty.


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