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January 09, 2008

Yesterday and Terrible Sports Analogies
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Michael calls Hillary’s victory the “greatest upset ever.”  Joe Scarborough compared it to the Yankees-Red Sox 2004 3-0 comeback.  That’s crazy.  It was undoubtedly an impressive comeback, but greatest upset ever?  Is Clinton Appalachian St. and Obama Michigan?  Is Clinton Boise St. and Obama Oklahoma?  That’s absurd.  Structurally, Hillary had an impressive campaign, the establishment behind her and the Clinton brand name.  She was ahead a week ago but was undoubtedly behind going into election. 

So, to throw in my own terrible sports analogy.  This was more like Michigan (Clinton) beating Florida (Obama) in the Capital One Bowl.  Florida was the heavy favorite.  But Michigan is Michigan.  They have the program.  They have the talent.  Was anyone truly shocked? 

Another way to think about this is Game 2.  A big comeback.  A historic game.  But still Game 2 of a seven game series.  As an Obama supporter I’d like to think that this is Game 2 of the 2004 NBA Finals.  The young, defensive minded, team oriented Pistons (Obama) came out in game one (Iowa) and clocked the Lakers (Clinton) at the Staples Center.  No one expected that.  In Game two (New Hampshire) the Lakers were on the ropes, down 6 with forty seconds left and pulled out a miracle victory.  But at the end it didn’t help all that much.  The Lakers’ weakness was exposed and the Pistons won the next three games easily.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen either.  But if we're going to use irrelevant sports analogies in our attempts to explain politics, I might as well use one that suits my particular point of view.


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Yes, this is more like one of those near-upset cases where the favored team is ahead the whole game, the underdog comes roaring back in the 4th quarter to take a brief lead, and then the favorite wins at the buzzer.

The media spun so absurdly for Obama last week that they must feel the need to make up for it by spinning absurdly for Clinton this week.

Somehow, I buy tramadol online think that’s going to happen either. But if we're going to use irrelevant sports analogies in our attempts to buy tramadol online explain politics, I might as well use one that suits my particular point of view.

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