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January 28, 2008

Un-tortured past at root of CIA's interrogation problems?
Posted by Adam Blickstein

Newly minted national-security correspondent for the newly minted Washington Independent, Spencer Ackerman, has an insightful piece on the CIA’s role in interrogating detainees since 9/11. He examines how the agency’s lack of institutional knowledge on interrogations has, in-part, led to the flaunting of international law and dubious interrogation methods that have been exposed over the past several years. Ackerman also points to how the Bush Administration’s insistence that the CIA take a lead role on interrogations—historically outside the CIA’s purview—has been central to why unlawful and unreliable methods such as waterboarding have been utilized:

Yet, until 9/11, the agency had limited experience with interrogation, and had few people on staff who had even conducted one. Most of the CIA’s experience had involved consulting with partner intelligence agencies on how to torture, …But 9/11 changed all that. Despite having nearly no off-the-shelf experience, the CIA was tasked by President Bush to come up with a     robust interrogation program for the most important al-Qaeda captives. So the agency turned to its partners for assistance in designing its interrogation regimen: Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia—all countries cited by the State Department for using torture—among others. Additionally, as Mark Benjamin has reported for Salon, two psychologists named Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell, who worked as contractors for CIA, helped the agency "reverse-engineer" the military and CIA training on resisting torture for use on detainees. Suddenly, waterboarding, an illegal practice of simulating or in some cases inducing drowning, became an American-administered practice.

Now the big question is why did the Administration direct the CIA to lead interrogations when they had neither the capabilities nor personnel nor experience to do so. Perhaps the fact the agency doesn't fall under the auspices of the Army Field Manual provides at least a partial explanation.


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This makes sense on the surface but I don't buy it. So the CIA was asked to do something they didn't normally do. I'm supposed to believe that they didn't have the resources to research what was legal and what wasn't? Nah, this wasn't a mistake born of ignorance. They knew what they were doing was illegal and they did it anyway. Nobody gets off the hook for "not being experienced with interrogations," because the legal literature on such topics is both vast and accessible.

What really is the use of torture? The Soviets and Nazis used torture as form of terror to control the populice and not to retreive informatioon or in the Soviet case to get forced confessions for show trials. Those being tortured will tell the interrogators what they want to hear. The best form interrogation is what George Piro's of Saddam Hussein in which he developed a relationship with him.

Mukasey Offers View on Waterboarding - New York Times -
Ok this NY Times article attached below re Mukasey ok'ing torture now makes sense albeit the sickest thing I have heard from a Bush attorney general. I get it now but I will first comment on it, read the article after. So their illogic goes, if a guy whose army is housed on camels and wearing sandals, swims the ocean blue and climbs our border fence and explodes a bomb or two, we become so fearful for our lives, we override torture treatises that have served well against real enemies with nuclear weapons and real armies with combat boots, who were real threats, then we can start torturing anyone we like in fear if our Decider decides. Oh yeah, and cause it was illegal yesterday and we did it while illegal, this new interpretation will serve to defend our actions which violated all international torture treatises for the last hundred years worldwide. Israel is attacked daily by terrorists and they do not use it nor surrender their freedoms, the worst thing one can do in the face of terrorists as any Israeli will tell you, unless you are being brainwashed to fear where none should really exist, ok just a little bit but nothing to ruin your day. Imagine what we would do to someone who did something more believable than 9-11, hell to those who housed them, we could annihilate with several hundred nukes, I am not fearful of guys on camels with no army. I fear the propaganda trying to make me fear.

I do not want Mukasey rewriting torture treatises with Cheney, Rummy, Rove, Bushwacky, etc., like I do not want George Bush rewriting the Constitution. These guys are losers on a mass scale, draft dodging chickenhawks who never served a day of combat, failures at business, failures at politics, hell Cheney could not even get in Skull and Bones despite nine other Cheney's who made it and then was sent out of Yale for his patheticness and Bush almost flunked out of Yale all coked up, gay and drunk and just got into Skulls cause of daddy and granpappy. Yet, they continue on with their siege on our nation in planning for their new world order, whereby they are planning another staged event, like a dirty bomb, to scare people to Marshall law where bush will be our Decider and tell us who goes to the gas chamber, who goes for torture, what a terrorist is, a dissenter and in their sicko plan they glorify that they kill millions so they will have more resources for their ordained cult members.

Why does this sound like the Proskauer led coup on FDR in 1933. Could Smedley Butler , my hero, who turned them in and revealed their plot and their attempts to recruit him in one of the most horrendous crimes of the times, a plot to align the US with Hitler and have a massive extermination of Americans, along with the rest of the world, to create the Hitler "Homeland", a term Bush has applied to the "HEARTLAND" the land of the free, the home of the brave. So Smedley did them in, telling of how they asked him to turn the army on the People and now McCain seems to be their next generation recruit, maybe perhaps he has accepted the offer that Smedley did not. Who cares, most of the Candidates belong to Skull and Bones as they have infiltrated well for three generations in secrecy but their goals remain steadfast and stooped in Hitlerian illogic and overthrow of Democracy.

Yes, this is the future if we do not crush it and send it back to hills as Smedley did by exposing it in Congressional hearings under sworn statements, fingering the dirty scoundrels and sending them to their masturbatory coffins and secret societies for a hundred years, I plan on doubling that at minimum. But they have re-emerged, forced into the light perhaps and funded in part by Iviewit, certainly their crimes since taking office resemble a Hitlerian plan, they are identical in fact. Hoping that they have perfected propaganda and owning the mainstream press, they may now control those who believe the CNN BS Polls, the CNN debates or any of their Skull founder Luces' sick propaganda, who believe their bs anymore. Yet, we must act swift, desperate men will do desperate things and with ring leader Cheney before the House Judiciary Committee for War Crimes, filed by Kucenich and passed for movement to the J Committee, Rove running and hiding alongside Rummy for war crimes, Libby the criminals criminal, BongoGonzo got his job by throwing bushs dui in Texas; the White House lawn a virtual graveyard one must grapple over to get out of, they could try anything here. Their hail Mary of stacking the candidates with CFR/Skulls is obviously a sign that they are weak and need to stack the odds , as election fraud is slippery slope to rely on alone. Yet the People still watching their propaganda machine CNN think the candidates are real, not plants, that their votes count, not are jokes, although I think they know the truth but still have held off on protesting with pitchforks, where are those 60's hippie protesters, maybe they will get their hip back after a few thousand deaths and stop enjoying their tax breaks and supporting these guys blindly for more pie. Perhaps we all need to stop working at their factories and voting in their fraudulent elections at all and meet in the park for a good shot of Lucy in the Sky. All of this nonsense must be exposed to the People now for action, most who are already aware but having faith in America (our undoing if we trust our government or allow them to seize our power, and what the Constitution warns us of and allows for taking arms to, to prevent such a corrupt government, I choose pen of course) and look our politicians continue supporting false wars despite the People's will, helping push the lies for it benefits themselves and their lobbying groups and because they all have the same agenda and belong to the same not so secret cult. The people pulling their strings are in grab for power we have not seen in this country since the failed Proskauer coup on FDR. "Theeeir back"

Their power is false though, the Peoples is very real, the group is really small, it is only a few psycho's who got their positions either from cronyism or illegal elections. They have several wealthy industrialist psychopaths backing them but when compared to the People's money they have little, except if we don't stop them from stealing more in scams like enron, worldcomm, the savings and loan debacle, the insurance bks, the junk, the new housing debacle, all crimes that they walked away with the stolen public funds, un-phased which only bolstered their belief in their ability to commit and get a way with crime against the mass. Before they rob the public blind through like stealing their homes next and false wars, all money that could have been used for schools, New Orleans, vets etc. money that is now missing with no accounting to private war machines with no accountability and profit to a few.

We the People still have the power, they are being stopped in their tracks for their crimes but they are vying to control it all to protect themselves from prosecution, changing law to equal crime as fast as they can. We must confront these cults and their members if not through mainstream media, more out on the streets, through "word:)" They think if you believe they are powerful they will be powerful, you know the Wizard thing. They think if you fear their cult you will be submissive and march to your death. They do not know you; I fear they have sorely underestimated their task and the People they are trying to pull this shit on. I fear for them, as these hatemongering, warmongering, elitist pricks have always underestimated good v. evil and good has historically won and the People are mostly good but waiting to take action can be very costly, not stopping it now could have severe consequence. These guys think they perfected their crimes this time around and with getting away with election fraud, staging three world trade centers to fall defying gravity and logic, scaring American's of a guy on a camel with sandals and an AK47, going to war with the wrong country for no reason on false intel, rewriting the Constitution to become the Reich and thus at first glance you would have to agree that they perfected and/or think American's are fucking stupid, trust me they are not. They just do not jump on conspiracy theories until they are proven facts. They are facts now, the cults are exposed, their member rosters in the public for us to pitchfork them if they are found guilty in fair courtrooms with real judges and US Attorney Generals who serve the People, not the Fuehrer and their cults. Oh yeah, I'll give you one guess where Mukasey went to school, yep Yale, the Skull Nazi group residing there and oh yeah, Proskauer, the Judenrat Jewish law firm represents Yale and their law school, their partner in this treasonous coup with Grebe and his Bradley Foundation psyscho's.

We must cleanse our nation of the frauds since they seized power illegally and hence-to-forth from Gore v. Bush. We must remove their friends and all of them, whether Supreme Court (remember Miers) and prevent them putting three more in which almost gives them a lock since Reagan when the siege was just starting and we must go back to Prescott Bush and the Cheney's to find where they went since going underground in 1933. Grebe is central to master plan, using the RNC as his Trojan horse and the stolen royalties Iviewit gave him providing the opportunity to plant and buyoff corruption in high places, like a man steeped in the profits of a stolen trillion dollar technology, insane in other words. These cults can be quite dangerous if left in the dark, we must now bring them to the light before the People. Ask why mainstream press has failed to ask why they all belong to an ubber right group CFR, some several cults, like Clinton of the CFR, Skulls and Bilderbergs. Are we that stupid that we don't care, even when we know their agenda is sick, or even if we did and voted for change are they not capable of reversing that with illegal elections? Fatalists and complacent people will leave our kids fighting Nazi's again, ask any German the bad taste of the few Nazi's may last generations around the world, your children's fate perhaps. Note that they have pissed off just about every ally America has ever had and the rest of the world to boot, the rest of course that is not part of these same cults worldwide. Heard CFR just opened a euro branch. The world is arming again at us, ask Putin, call a Chinaman, they are weary we are becoming the monsters of Nazi Germany, not the legacy I want for my kids or yours. Your new allies are the criminals within, so worship these criminals who gained power through election fraud, Bush, Cheney, Gonzo, Rummy, Libby, Rove, etc. these are your hero's or your children's nightmares. Worship them by voting for them or not, it will not matter without a paper trail for ballots, hell our credit cards transactions are more secure and protected then our votes but do you see politicians rallying for a fair vote in America, hell we sound like a Columbian election of cartel v. cartel.

This is where America has gone we have been infiltrated and we are under siege, accept this for a moment and all the crimes and wars all make sense, where no logic can ever explain them. Be careful, they are crafty, secretive, have some backers and may be prone to leaving people float in attics after lowering the levies, hey population thinning and Ebonics is high on their sicko agendas (check out the FEMA concentration camp with barbed wire inward @ (read the right hand comments). America we are under siege, you can fight it now or later, in the words of Sandra Day, as she fled for her life from the Supremes stated, "we are in the throws of a dictatorship that is better to stop now than later"; a warning from someone on the inside. Another word from Ashcroft sounded like what the hell are these Brown Shirt Nazi's in trench coats doing at my bedside trying to force me to sign illegal torture treatises that I called illegal before, I am not even the AG and they know it or words to that effect. I fear only that with these guys in so much trouble and forced to the light that we should all act sooner to stop the madness or we may have a lot of dead to account for on our conscience.

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