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December 09, 2007

Politicize the Intel Community
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

What do you do when you are President and the facts presented by the Intel community
are in contradiction with your policy?  Well, according to the Wall Street Journal, you should just fire the analysts and replace them with people who agree with you.  In fact, and this might be the first time I've ever heard this particular criticism, it turns out that the Bush Administration is TOO TOLERANT of dissenting voices. 

We reported earlier this week that the authors of this Iran NIE include former State Department officials who have a history of hostility to Mr. Bush's foreign policy. But the ultimate responsibility for this fiasco lies with Mr. Bush. Too often he has appointed, or tolerated, officials who oppose his agenda, and failed to discipline them even when they have worked against his policies.


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This isn't really very surprising. You can probably expect a lot more of this from the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdock owns the Wall Street Journal now. Keep that in mind. It should now be viewed in the same light as Fox News. Whatever light that may be for you.

Great point Mike MacHenry. I had actually forgotten about that. It does explain this absolutely ludicrous commentary.

Hahaha, america is screwed!! do they not realise the opposition are supposed to have power too? that that is democracy!?
Hahahahahhaa, god, i'm glad i don't live in that well-equipped, well-fed prison camp of a nation.

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