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November 04, 2007

Worst Blog Post Ever
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Kevin Drum has a pretty amusing list of the wingnuttiest blog posts ever.  As someone who only started reading blogs closely a year ago, I found this to be an educational experience.  Some are just purely offensive:  Where was the spirit of self defense following the Virginia Tech shootings; Attention Superdome residents grow gills; or a horrible song about Muslims with participation from what look to be teenagers

But I think the genuinely dumbest commentary comes from Steven Den Beste who wrote before the Iraq War:

I'm deeply concerned about the French. In January I wrote about my concern that their opposition seemed to go well beyond anything which made sense in terms of any kind of motivation I could identify, and speculated that maybe there was some far more deep and critical explanation for it which was much more sinister. Since then their resistance has made less and less sense, and what I worry about now is that if they think the stakes are so high, no matter why that might be, that they're clearly willing to sacrifice the UN and NATO and even the process of formation of the EU itself just to oppose the war despite having only negligible chance of actually preventing it, then maybe they might be willing to go to even greater lengths against us, extending beyond the diplomatic. De facto they're allied with Saddam even if there's no publicly-declared treaty or agreement; so will they be willing to intervene militarily? Will they smuggle some sort of weaponry in? Or ship it in openly?

If 20 cargo jets take off from French territory and head towards the middle east, what will we do? If they ignore all attempts to prevent them from reaching Iraq, would we be willing to actually shoot one or more of them down?

Just how far are they willing to take their opposition to us? They've reached the point where it seems as if they're willing to make any sacrifice. Do they see the stakes as being high enough so that they might actually threaten to nuke us?


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