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November 08, 2007

Run and Gun
Posted by Max Bergmann

9781414317304 Another great find from Pat Barry of NSN... Freedom loving linebackers have arrived to save us from Islamofascistjihabistsalafism. 

Jason Elam, the kicker for the Denver Broncos, has teamed up with his pastor to write a book titled - no joke - Monday Night Jihad. Apparently the NFL is under attack. Here is an excerpt (via withleather)...

"A story that combines all the action of a first-rate spy thriller with the intrigue of professional sports. After a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Riley Covington is living his dream as a professional linebacker when he comes face-to-face with a radical terrorist group on his own home turf. Drawn into the nightmare around him, Riley returns to his former life as a member of a special ops team that crosses oceans in an attempt to stop the source of the escalating attacks.

But time is running out, and it soon becomes apparent that the terrorists are on the verge of achieving their goal: to strike at the very heart of America."


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As sad as it is, I predict a hit movie will come out of this, starring The Rock - or whatever the hell his name is now.

Wow, a Special Ops guy AND an NFL linebacker? Geez, what a Gary Stu!

Lemme guess: He has a loyal dog/horse/wife named "Trigger" or "Princess" or "Biscuit", right?

Dan Kervick: There actually already was a movie, or at least in Clancy's Sum of All Fears the football game gets nuked. Although, its star was Afflect and not a linebacker so who knows, maybe they'll do it again.

Phoenix Woman: And maybe a scar that somehow makes him more attractive.

their goal: to strike at the very heart of America

Okay, which is it: Hollywood or Vegas?

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