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November 08, 2007

Preemptive Pardons
Posted by Shadi Hamid

Preventative measures must be taken, friends, in case of an imminent threat of prosecution. The Democrats, like that crazy UFO-watcher Dennis, are conniving about impeaching Cheney, battle-hardened patriot and lover of freedom. What next? Those liberals are gonna try to impeach Bush for "war crimes." Crazy you say. But even if there's a 1% chance, we should be prepared. So we hereby suggest applying the doctrine of preemption to this matter. Yes, a preemptive pardon.


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I would like to add the white collar criminal class causes way more damage to society and costs more dollars than street crime, and also has bigger negative effects on the public's trust and investment in the system. These scoundrels who've caused the dollar to lose some 98% of its value since the Fed Act in 1913, and whose short-sightedness and greed caused the housing market bubble and burst, with the subsequent loss of jobs and 401Ks, on top of decades of offshoring jobs to countries without environmental, human rights and labor protections, has proven they are not fit to be managing public companies or the People's government.

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