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November 26, 2007

Designed Neither to Fail Nor Succeed
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

That's how Rob Malley described the Annapolis agenda this morning.  I've been out there trashing Annapolis with the best of them, but when Amos Oz says

the gaps between the two negotiating sides at this time are smaller than they have ever been during the 100 years of fury and suffering... extremists on both sides are expecting the negotiations to fail and praying for a dead-end. Time is not on the side of the Israelis or Palestinians. It is mostly on the side of the radicals.

I figure I better start rooting for Secretary Rice.


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Great review.In advance,I know the two-state solution may see its demise in case of such failure, and we shall be forced to choose between two historical disasters: One state between the Jordan River and Mediterranean, or an Israeli apartheid regime that continues to repress the occupied Palestinians by force, while the Palestinians continue to violently resist.

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