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October 24, 2007

Red Sox vs. Yankees (Good vs. Evil)
Posted by Michael Cohen

Below my blog-mate Heather Hurlburt has made an incendiary claim:

I do believe Red Sox and Yankees fans can live in harmony.

I like Heather, she's a wonderful person, but no more absurd statement has ever been made on Democracy Arsenal! Red Sox and Yankees can live in some sort of detente-like situation, but harmony - NEVER!

This is the root of the problem with Rudy saying he is supporting the Red Sox - no true Yankees fan would ever support the Red Sox, just as I, a Red Sox fan, would rather stick sharp pencils in my eyes then root for the Yankees.  I hate the Yankees more than I hated Communism. The only thing that makes me happier then seeing the Red Sox win is seeing an unhappy Yankees fan (and some of my best friends are Yankees fans).

If the Yankees were playing the Al Qaeda All-Stars I still couldn't root for the Yankees.

After September 11th, when everyone rallied around the Yankees, I rooted for the Diamondbacks. To do otherwise would have meant the terrorists had won.

And I'm quite sure that every Yankees fan who is reading this site feels the exact same way I do about the Red Sox. That's the nature sports, we shouldn't have it any other way - which pretty much makes Rudy Guiliani the most inauthentic person running for President. Except of course for Hillary Clinton who said if the Yanks and Cubs were in the World Series she would alternate who she would root for. Sheesh, that's awful! Sorry, but there are some things that no politician should try to spin.


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This is too easy. Two teams that try to buy the pennant every year, spending vastly more than all the other teams in either league, the fans of each convinced their team is not fundamentally the same type of organization as the other, and that the world will end unless they win.

Remind you of any two politically prominent families you've ever heard of?

Zathras, it is too easy. One team is owned by a convicted felon, one is not. One takes pleasure in the public humiliation of staff (most recently of Joe Torre), one does not (although there have been some dubious scenes with Manny over the years, I grant). I could add that one owner is an R and the other a D, but that really IS too easy. True, though.

Let me make it easier: one team is the personification of all that is evil in the world. One is not!

While I could care less about a bunch of self-entitled millionaires running around in the grass playing a kids' game and acting as if they were important, Zathras, you've just made my day. I needed the laugh.

Check out this YouTube video

Rudy Loves The Red Sox

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