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October 23, 2007

Iraqis For a Timeline
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

So even though the President doesn't want a timeline.  Looks like the Iraqi Parliament might.

Leaders in parliament are to meet Oct. 31 to consider forming a committee, to be made up of representatives from various parties, to make recommendations on limitations Iraq should seek in the U.N. resolution. Factions are already squaring off, with some Sunni Arab moderates saying that the continued U.S. presence is crucial to Iraq's future and Shiite leaders angry over the U.S. incursions into their neighborhoods seeking to curtail the American presence.

It is not clear what recommendations the committee might ultimately make, but members of parliament speculated Monday that they could include limiting the U.S. presence to certain areas in Iraq. The committee also could express a desire for a mission statement that the primary goal of American troops should be to train Iraqi forces, while establishing a timeline for U.S. withdrawal.

Also interesting here is the fact that the Sunnis are now the ones supporting the U.S. staying while the Shi'a are calling for the U.S. to go.  Two years ago you would have heard the opposite rhetoric, but since we've switched sides in the Civil War and are now supporting Sunni interests and putting the screws to the Shi'a you've had a reversal.  Just reinforces the fact that these various factions are using U.S. forces to achieve their own sectarian agendas.


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Typical Iraqis, thinking the Iraq war is all about them.

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