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September 11, 2007

Petraeus Doesn't Know if His Strategy Makes America Safer
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg


Senator Warner: Are you able to say at this time if we continue what you have laid before the congress here,this strategy. do you feel that that is making America safer?

General Petraeus: Sir, I believe this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq.

Warner: Does that make America safer?

General Petraeus:  Sir I don't know actually. I have not sat down and sorted in my own mind what i have focued on and what I have been riveted on is how to accomplish the mission of the multinational force Iraq.


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Not in his job description. His mission, as he indicated, is to pacify Iraq, not make America safer. America, mostly because of its behavior, is threatened from many corners of the world. The US has a large intelligence establishment which, if it's not been Tenetized, is supposed to gauge the safety of America, the threat level, etc. as well as threat trends.

General Petraeus is not the defender of America, he is two steps down in the military chain of command: Bush-Fallon-Petraeus.


I don't disagree. But then maybe the President shouldn't be selling Petraeus so hard and disregarding the advice of Fallon, who is known to support a major reduction in forces.

It's incredible. SecDef Gates has allowed himself to be upstaged by Petraeus, and Gates hasn't had a press conference in the Pentagon since July 13th. Two months! Rumsfeld would never let this happen. At this critical time, what's going on? Is Gates AWOL? Send out the MP's.

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