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September 21, 2007

Et tu, Orrin
Posted by Michael Cohen

Inexplicably, the President continues to threaten to veto legislation that would expand the children's health insurance program (S-CHIP). Apparently, some Republicans are none too happy about it:

Asked whether he would vote to override a veto, Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah), a staunch conservative, said, "You bet your sweet bippy I will."

Now I have no idea what a bippy is, but Hatch wasn't done sticking to White House:

Hatch, who helped negotiate the compromise, said it is flatly untrue that the bill would cover children in households with incomes of as much as $83,000. . . "We're talking about kids who basically don't have coverage," Hatch said. "I think the president's had some pretty bad advice on this."

Wow! You know it's pretty bad when even Orrin Hatch is accusing the White House of lying.


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And what if it did cover children in households with incomes over $80k? In some parts of the country, with kids, a combined income of $80k isn't a lot of money.

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Addtionally,I would like to add some Republicans could face considerable pressure to defy the president when the measure comes to a vote. Lawmakers are confident of veto-proof passage in the Senate, but getting the required 290 votes in the House appears to be a long shot.

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