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September 26, 2007

Democrats believe in diplomacy
Posted by Moira Whelan

Watching the Democratic debate tonight and conversation has been far ranging so far---
Iraq AND Iran!

In the end, we know that Democrats believe in diplomacy, some more directly and personally than others. What is more interesting however is that Russert has given them the chance to come out in strong support of Israel vis a vis Iran, and so far only Obama and Richardson have annunciated that it’s US policy to support Israel. Others—including Clinton--ducked that point. People smarter than I will surely tell you what that means in coming days and surely it's a tough subject since the Israel/Syria thing is classified right now.

UPDATE: Rewatched the segment and HRC did strongly support the Israel attack on Syria so I guess she did, deeming my post largely pointless.


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If Clinton won't tie herself to support of Israel, why did she vote for Lieberman-Kyl?

It's become increasingly difficult for me to care one way or another about the Democratic race. The spectacle of these sad lemmings headed in unison for the cliff is too monotonous and dispiriting.

In past years here in New Hampshire, I would have chosen a candidate by now and would be working for that candidate. This year I have decided to withdraw from the political hubbub, and devote myself to thinking and writing about the things that really concern me, and will try to figure out how to advocate for a future that is not on the agenda of any of these candidates. I'm sure I'll vote for one of them in the end. But at this point it hardly seems to matter.

The major candidates seemed to miss the opportunity to support Israel and couch it in "self-defense" language. They could have shown support for an Israeli strike by saying that the strike would be legal under international law. Thus, it would be seen as a serious foreign policy position and not just blind support for Israel.

For more on this concept, I really liked this post:

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