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June 28, 2007

Wingnut Cruise
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Sometime during the 1990's the Nation magazine began offering cruises with liberal luminaries and lounge acts, authors and pundits....Every year this floating speakeasy goes someplace different, the Caribbean then Alaska. It didn't take long for a conservative magazine to follow suit. the National Review organized a cruise this year...check out this writeup at Sadlyno for a hilarious recap. Ahhhh, the wingnut cruise, a little floating island of neo-con truth, where the Iraq war continues to be a noble victory and old white guy fear about race and place is idle cocktail chatter...

BTW, why is this woman (here soundly shutdown by Elizabeth Edwards) allowed to be on TV? Chris Matthews? Why?

I figure the only way Ann Coulter is going to change is someday when she meets a beautiful Prada wearing redneck living in New York City...who was raised by two moms (or two dads) in Texas or South Carolina... who earned money for her liberal arts education by working as a NASCAR pit assistant. This imaginary heroine will take the hapless blonde arachnoid out behind the sushi bar for a little talk...I've obviously thought far too much about this....


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I guess that all the carnival cruise lines that the author makes references to are just another way of running from the real problems. Without the context here presented, the carnivals is just funny as could be. I don't believe in wingnut cruise, just in funny people.

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