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June 11, 2007

Henry the K With Nothing To Say
Posted by Jerry Mayer

Now, look--I love the Washington Post, the paper I grew up reading and still read almost cover to cover every day.  But my friend and colleague David Hart encouraged me to blog about the Post's worst chronic problem: the inexplicable gift of prime Post editorial real estate to Henry Kissinger, that stale windbag and likely war criminal.  Today's piece, which could not be located online (they have mercy on their online readership, I guess), is a typical meandering bit of historical revisionism.  I guess they let him write whatever he wants, and what he wanted to do today was to continue to pound at his critics--about 1969-73, with some tangential references to Iraq.

Given that Kissinger is frequently, and justly, accused of unnecessarily prolonging the Vietnam War, many of us found it alarming that he was the principal outside advisor to the Bush administration on foreign policy.  Worse, just as he did during Vietnam, he thinks at least half the blame, if not more, for the difficulty we face in Iraq should go to those disloyal Americans who are criticizing the president and making victory difficult!  Damn those nattering nabobs of negativism!

If Cheney and Bush want to learn how to break domestic and international law, lose a war and damage American prestige, they have found their appropriate expert. 

Dick Cheney: Of the outside people that I talk to in this job I probably talk to Henry Kissinger more than just about anyone else - he comes by I guess at least once a month and I sit down with him.
Woodward: And the same with the President?
Cheney: Yes, absolutely.
(woodward, being interviewed later on 60 Minutes, said this--)
Woodward: In Iraq he declared very simply, victory is the only meaningful exit strategy. This is so fascinating. Kissinger is fighting the Vietnam war again. Because in his view, the problem in Vietnam was that we lost our will. That we didn't stick to it. 

I can understand why Cheney and Bush would want to talk to Kissinger; who better to give a sympathetic ear to these incompetents? But why does the Post continue to print his op-eds, many hundreds of words longer than they allow even former presidents?


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But why does the Post continue to print his op-eds, many hundreds of words longer than they allow even former presidents?

As a reader of the WP you are a commodity sold by the WP to its advertisers. The primary goal of the WP is not to inform you but to make a profit from advertising, and a war increases profits thereby increasing advertising. Therefore the WP promotes war, and promotes warmonger Kissinger.

Inversely, there is no such easily obtained profit in peace. With peace you don't have the seamless money transfers from the US treasury directly to corporations; they have to compete for their profits, and there's less money in the system to pay for advertising.

The oil wars are paying off big time to corporations. Wartime annual profits have increased dramatically in four years from their previous levels (2002 to 2006): Top five US banks, up 109%; top five armaments, up 139%; top three oil, up 490% (!!!). Exxon Mobil, for example, enjoys quarterly profits of almost ten billion dollars; that's $108 million per day, or $1,250 per second!!!

"War is a racket . . . the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives."--General Smedley Butler, USMC

Well, I actually don't think the Washington Post runs Kissinger in the hopes of starting more wars. Call me nuts. I think they imagine it makes them look balanced, and they have a disproportionate regard for his wise man status. I have never shared the hero worship for either Nixon or Henry. The opening to China is supposedly evidence of their brilliance but I am more in the camp that says it was long overdue, and didn't happen for decades in part because of the obstinant posturing of men like Nixon. And it was only strategically crucial because these two geniuses hadn't delivered the peace with honor they campaigned on in 68. Few, if any, presidents before this Bush have done as much damage to the nation as Richard Nixon did. Henry the K's paranoia, his megalomania, and his obvious disrespect for the laws of this nation and for humane considerations abroad fit nicely with the Nixon administration's overall approach.

It's not just that Kissinger got to say something, it's also what he had to say. His justifications lift the conflict entirely out of the nationalist frame - in the case of Vietnam, saying it's the Cold War, and Iraq, a battle against radical Islam. These framings allow the President to do whatever he wants, running roughshod on our liberties at home, while producing the fatally flawed strategies that gave us Cambodia and whatever-it's-equivalent will be in this war.

while producing the fatally flawed strategies that gave us Cambodia and whatever-it's-equivalent will be in this war.

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