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April 27, 2007

Surrendering to their baser instincts
Posted by Rosa Brooks

My colleague Marty Lederman flags another little bit of nastiness emanating from the White House this week:

The official White House statement on the Democratic supplemental funding bill states that the legislation "insists on a surrender date." I understand the inevitable urge to spin every issue so as to put one's adversaries in the worst possible light. But really. To play at such name-calling with a matter this solemn and important -- to use official White House stationary to cavalierly insist that a majority of the national legislature not only favors military "surrender" but "insists upon" it -- is conduct unworthy of a chief executive, let alone a Commander in Chief.

Read the rest of Marty's comments here.


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Horsepucky. The Pentagon has, for several years, had the position of: We'll stand down as they stand up. The Congressional Bill [H.R.1591.ENR] includes provisions for a withdrawal from Iraq commencing on July 1 or October 1 2007, depending on the Iraqi government meeting certain milestones, "with a goal of completing such redeployment within 180 days." Troops are withdrawn from Iraq all the time, and replaced. And under the bill US troops can be retained in Iraq for all sorts of reasons, meaning that troop levels could even increase.

Simply a goal. No real change in policy. No surrender. Troops still in Iraq. Did the White House read the bill? Just theater, as Bush said.

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Simply a goal. No real change in policy. No surrender. Troops still in Iraq. Did the White House read the bill? Just theater, as Bush said.

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