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March 01, 2007

The Blame Frame Begins....
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Sorry absent so long. I got caught on the West Coast until late Monday. Jetblue cancelled all flights back. Not that being stuck in San Diego is bad....

I didn't realize that right wingers were so into recycling, but 1972 is written all over the agenda of the Conservative Political action Committee CPACconference that starts today. On Friday, they'll be having a panel discussion with Swift Boat vet operatives hyperventilating about "the left's repeated campaign against the American soldier." Not slated for discussion: Iraq, Walter Reed, armor for the troops, outsourcing our national security to their campaign donors, public sacrifice during wartime... and basically anything else that really does affect the American soldier.

Speaking of.. one of the Swift Boat 50K donors, Sam Fox, was up for an Ambassadorship this week. After decrying the bitterness of partisan politics, mind you. Um. why do we believe anything any of these people say anymore?

I'm in NYC right around 51st and 6th Avenue...where that big news ticker blares headlines on the Fox television building. Trying to counter the Oscar night glory of " An Inconvenient Truth" the scoop that Al Gore's yearly electricity bill was 30K was up there...but strangely, nothing about VP Cheney's 185K yearly bill a few years back.

Speaking of global warming, too bad they can't figure out a way to recycle all the hotair coming out of the CPAC conference.


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"Trying to counter the Oscar night glory of " An Inconvenient Truth" the scoop that Al Gore's yearly electricity bill was 30K was up there... ."

Oh, crikey. TVA has a program called Green Power Switch, which allows you to buy 150-KWH blocks of "green power" @ $4.00 per month per block. According to the *Tennessean* here in Nashville, which got hold of three months of Gore's electric bills, he and Tipper bought 108 of these blocks at a cost of $432 a month--amounting to over a third of the bill for those three months. TBS, if you heat with gas here, as they do, electricity usage this time of year is only half what it would be in mid-summer; one needs a full year to determine just what proportion of the Gore power bill is "green." And it's certainly true that the Gore Manse in Belle Meade [by far our toniest neighborhood] is a real energy hog. But the implication of this story that Gore's power usage is contributing mightily to global warning is grossly exaggerated, to say the least. Its source--an outfit called the Tennessee Institute for Public Policy Studies--is notorious for its slapdash, manipulative use of numbers.

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