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March 18, 2007

Our VP's Limited Vocabulary
Posted by Lorelei Kelly

Last weekend, VP Cheney gave a speech at the annual conference of AIPAC, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. Routine, but no less appalling, he gave a speech that all but accused the Democratic party of plotting to commit treason and kill American soldiers. Jeffrey Feldman over at Frameshop analyzed the speech and found that it contained the following words:

war - 31
terror - 26
enemy - 12
attack - 7
battle - 7
kill - 6
destroy - 4
bomb - 3
weapons - 2
death - 2
murder - 2
violence - 2

No wonder it has been called the Murder-Death-Kill talk. Will someone explain to me how this is good for Israel?


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Closer to home,

Many Americans talk about the "threat" of terrorism, the US "war on terror," the "Muslim extremist" enemy, the possible need to attack countries that don't bow to US hegemonic "exemplarism" demands, the "need" to produce expensive weapons systems when the US isn't threatened by any other country and diplomacy as a function of US foreign policy that is subordinated to military power which must be sustained by a standing military that, naturally, has to be used or what good is it. . .

Will someone explain to me how this is good for America?

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yea yea the same story about the freaky "threat" wake up wake up
they watching you neo huh

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