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March 23, 2007

Global Warming is an al Qaeda Plot!
Posted by Rosa Brooks

Okay, not really. But I wish it were, because evidence that al Qaeda was secretly accelerating climate change is about the only thing that might get the Bush Administration to take it seriously. Last July, Harvard psychology prof Daniel Gilbert wrote a great (and funny) LA Times op ed on the psychology of risk and threat perception, focusing on why Americans care more terrorism and even gay marriage than about global warming, though in the longer run, global warming is by far the greater security threat. The piece was originally published almost a year ago, but has somehow bubbled back up to the top of the paper's most-emailed list, and it's worth a read.


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This could partially explain why it's regained popularity.

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You portrayed the topic well.. Especially the concluding paragraph and the mid section made a good read... keep posting...All the best.

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