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March 16, 2007

Nat'l Assoc. of Evangelicals' statement on torture and human rights
Posted by Rosa Brooks

Remember how successful the GOP was at claiming to be the party that stood for "values" back in '04?  The claim rested on the truly bizarre equation of "values" with opposition to gay marriage and abortion, forgetting about poverty, human rights, etc., and it targeted, in particular, evangelical voters. But the far right will find this a tougher sell to many evangelicals this time around: the influential National Association of Evangelicals recently released a powerful statement opposing torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and affirming its committment to human rights. The full document is long but well worth reading.


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IF the NAE really opposed torture & cruelty they need to rethink
evangelical policy of promoting high BirthRates because problems it
creates are traditionally solved by high DeathRates like Abortion

Why? Pretty simple for anyone with a brane-Earth ain't Flat is it?
To go on reproducing ourselves like so many human-lemmings ensures
a marked increase in DeathRates or Genocide has been the result for
2 centurys now starting with discovery of Vitamins & Innoculation in
1796, beginning of Modern History of exploding populations. Ever since
every 3 Solar Cycles, every 66.6yrs (yes its in the bible, KJV scribes
knew nothing of decimal system, missed it) global economy is crushed
because both the aged and newborn are alive but neither is working.
The years for these cataclysmic events are 1860s,1930s & NOW.
This is what precipitates Genocide along with torture & cruelty.
So keep on fornicating freely in your self-righteous family groups
to ensure there's plenty of Changos to ruin the planet's economy.

Conclusions based on scientific fact- not mumbo jumbo gibberish.
The Solar Mortality Theory precisely pinpoints beginning of latest
bout with global soci-economic meltdown- 2007.5 1st bank failure.
To simply say "Never Again" is to stick your head in sands of time.
It will happen "Again and Again" if we live by present day mores.

Al Queda is part of our traditional Final Solution, high DeathRate
Gays are NOT a problem, they're part of the solution, they ain't
the ones having all the kids who are ruining our planet. A family
of 5 kids is like having 7 x 5 = 35 people in a 3rd world country.

Human Rights of Reproduction has is the single most important issue
One has the right to reproduce ONCE only, 2 kids per family. Anymore
is the single most EVIL ACT one can do for it ensures someone has to
die somewhere downstream in time to balance out the economy.

Read to understand Modern History

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