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March 30, 2007

When Does the Money Run Out?
Posted by Ilan Goldenberg

Apparently when the President met yesterday with House Republicans he asked them if they would be willing to support a veto even if the Democrats took out all of the withdrawal language.  To me this is the strongest indication that he is more interested in vetoing the bill and blaming it on Congress then he is on actually getting a the funding he needs. 

This gets even more interesting when you consider that the President claims that the military needs the supplemental by April 15 to continue to function.  A Congressional Research Service (Download crsmemo_32807_1.pdf) that was just released found that the military has until the end of July before it starts running into trouble.

Basically the President is disingenuously drumming up this fear that the troops are about to run out of money and then blaming it on Congress.  In some ways he reminds me of a petulant child.  For the past four years he has been spoiled and gotten everything he wants.  Now Congress is finally imposing some discipline and he seems to be throwing a tantrum.


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Dear Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid:

As the new leaders of Congress you have recently pushed through a bill intending to provide more war funds, in fact more than the president asked for. They total about a hundred and twenty billion dollars.

Normally when public funds are appropriated the public is told the reason for the appropriation. The funds will be used to improve transportation, educate children, feed the hungry etc. However there has been no reason for the huge amount of money recently voted except that they are for 'the global war on terror' which doesn't say much. (also for spinach, strawberries, oranges and christmas trees, but we won't go into that)

Prior to and during the Iraq war President Bush has provided many reasons in asking for public money and committing US Forces to conduct the war. Now that you run the congress, would you please provide one or more reasons for continuing to fund the Iraq war? We've made it multiple-choice to make it easy for you.

___find weapons of mass destruction (they're there somewhere)

___revenge for 9/11 (sure Iraq was blameless, but attack Saudi Arabia?)

___prevent the global caliphate extending from Indonesia to Spain (my fave)

___support a fundamentalist Islamic state closely allied with Iran

___provide more profits for our K street friends and their friends

___try out new weapons systems needed for the next war

___keep the pot stirred so we don't have to work on real problems

___recruit for al Qaeda so the 'war on terror' can continue

___get the anti-war progressives to shut up by strong-arming them to vote for war funding

___promote continued turmoil in the Middle East

___exacerbate the threats against Iran with a next-door army


Please select one or more reasons for funding the war, a "noble cause" if you will, and announce the results to the American people. We're waiting for an answer. You owe us one.


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