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February 20, 2007

GOP Uses Dems (old) National Security Playbook?
Posted by Heather Hurlburt

For years, Democrats have paid careful attention to military benefits and welfare issues to try to blunt the accusation that we hated not just any particular conflict, but the troops themselves. I rubbed my ears several times this morning when my local radio station reported that Michigan REPUBLICANS have introduced a bill to triple the amount of time returning Guard and Reserve soliders can take with their families while still holding on to the right to return to their civilian jobs. Needless to say, the state GOP’s friends in the state Chamber of Commerce are quietly unhappy about this. A question: many public opinion experts have told Democrats that this strategy doesn’t work – that it doesn’t replace a public sense that your party can be a responsible steward of our national security. I’m sure this kind of provision will be a boon for families stretched to breaking by long, repeated deployments… but I don’t see any reason it’ll work better politically for Rs than for Ds.

And I wonder whether we might hope that conservatives would also see that there are other times when families need 45 days together with jobs protected... like when new future soldiers are being produced... now I really am dreaming.


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Careful attention? What does that mean? Does it mean abundant lip service, or a high level of genuine interest relative to the disinterest modern Democrats have traditionally felt toward national security affairs? Or something else?

Careful attention? What does that mean? Does it mean abundant lip service, or a high level of genuine interest relative to the disinterest modern Democrats have traditionally felt toward national security affairs? Or something else?

First of all, I am new to this site and looking forward to reading and contemplating your posts.

To the changes in the original bill:

1) A change from 15 days to 45 days for re-employment by former employer. (To an era of soldiers returning with PTSD?)
2) Must make reasonable effort to reemploy service member ‘only if the person is not qualified the duties of the position” and legal recourse in the absence of. (To an era of returned injured soldiers?)

The statistics for injured and wounded soldiers range from 23000 to 100000, depending on who you ask! In many news casts are stories of PTSD and other afflictions in returning service members…..

Clearly the need for re-acclamation to civilian life from an impossible war zone is required.
Could it be that the GOP has enough foresight to see that the backlash of the poor decisions in Iraq could expand well into the unemployment future? (Albeit an original Democrat initiative.) Is this another GOP attempt to do damage control with military families and retain service member’s reenlistment numbers?

And clearly, again, against professional opinion……sigh……I observe that the opinions on this matter vary with party lines. The GOP introduces it: patriotic, the Dems introduce it: anti business.

And, yes, a little time off for producing future soldiers would be, most definitely, in the interest of national security.

"Playbook"--you got that right. War is a "game" played by both parties with little or no regard for the players, or they wouldn't have sent them to war in the first place. And then the spinners take over. "Yes, we lost the game, and suffered some injuries, but we played well. The starters looked good but they tired toward the end and had to rest on the bench. We're rebuilding for next year."

Playbook"--you got that right

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