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February 05, 2007

Fruitcake more popular than President Bush?
Posted by Rosa Brooks

Well, sorta. This, anyway, is the claim put forth by Radar Online. Unscientific... but as the White House has often suggested, science is over-rated. Right?


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Bush is not popular, and doesn't care about how history ranks him, because he's making the hard decisions that are best for the country, he says, and the fact that he's failed at everything he's ever done, even though he was born into privilege and given every financial opportunity to be successful, and has thrown it all away, only to end up in the top U.S. job by a decision of the Supreme Court despite being completely unqualified, means that the American people are stuck with someone less popular than Brussel sprouts, or fruitcake, or probably broccoli. Just imagine how it could have been different. June 2003, and Bush, in his snappy flight suit, is leading the victorious troops fresh from their Iraqi conquest in a grand parade down Fifth Avenue. Confetti fills the air and Bush is America's hero, even more popular than fruitcake. "On to Damascus and Tehran" he proclaims and the crowd cheers with a bloodlust for more victories. Maybe it's better this way. Such a loser, our worst president ever, shouldn't ever be popular, and certainly shouldn't be trusted.

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