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January 10, 2007

Zvika Krieger Guest-Blogging
Posted by Shadi Hamid

I´d like to belatedly welcome Zvika Krieger to Democracy Arsenal. As you may have already gathered, he's guest blogging with us from his fascinating perch in Sri Lanka and Beirut. By way of introduction, Zvika is a writer based in the Middle East who has written for Newsweek, The New Republic, and other publications and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and NBC News. He has received research fellowships to study the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, the Kifaya reform movement in Egypt, public health in Bombay slums, religious identity in Kashmir, historical memory in Palestinian refugee camps, and the role of religion in Lebanese politics. In other words, this guy has a thing for hot spots. Make sure to check out some of his recent articles, here and here.


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Is there some way I can get access to the Zogby poll Zvika mentioned? The link in his post didn't work - at least not for me.

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i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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