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January 23, 2007

MUCH MORE FUN with the State of the Union Address!
Posted by Rosa Brooks

The New York Times has a little interactive feature  that allows you to search for particular words in all Bush SOTU speeches-- it will then chart their frquency, year to year. This is too much fun!

"Iraq?" Mentioned not at all in '01, 34 times in '07. "Freedom"? Not so much. 17 mentions in '06, but only 3 in '07. "Poverty"? Hardly mentioned at all-- but this year gets three mentions. "Human Rights"? Um, sorry, no.

If you come up with anything particularly illuminating, please share!


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Why are so many people paying so much attention to the SOTU speech? They didn't expect that Bush would say anything much,and then he didn't say anything much, and then they talk at length about it.

What for?

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Thank you for your sharing! I like i very much!

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