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January 07, 2007

Liza Juliet
Posted by David Shorr

Whenever a new baby joins us on this floating sphere, we hope the world he or she comes to know is a peaceful one. Many here take a professional interest in world peace, so maybe we can give the vision a little more definite shape.

Things aren't looking so great these days, but we're all familiar with international problems and situations that somehow worked out better instead of worse. So without quibbling over odds, causal factors, or dissimilarities, these are some precedents for which we hope, for the sake of Suzanne and David's new little girl, history repeats itself. Of course history doesn't repeat itself, but it's good to remember that its downward spirals sometimes turn around. So for little Liza Juliet, we hope some of today's problems come out like some of yesterday's...

That North and South Korea reach a modus vivendi if not like East and West Germany, then at least Ethiopia and Eritrea,

That Japan and China overcome their historical tensions and co-exist like Germany and France or Greece and Turkey,

That countries like Iraq can see an end to their internal war as did Burundi, Mozambique, Bosnia,

That more nuclear weapons aspirants abandon their weapons, like Ukraine and South Africa or their efforts, like Libya,

That our own leaders learn to induce such abandonment not only with sticks but carrots,

That the United States restores its moral stature, international goodwill, and constructive leadership in a rules-based order as it did after the Second World War,

That economic development lifts people out of poverty as in China,

That China resolves its myriad other problems as ... hmmm, that's a tough one,

That China and the rest of the world make room for its growing power without too much friction, just as the world accommodated America,

That severely repressive regimes like Myanmar yield to justice for their people as in South Africa, and

That debilitating diseases like HIV/AIDS and malaria be eradicated like smallpox and (nearly nearly) polio.

Meanwhile, Liza, we all promise to do our part, as we know your parents will, especially your mom.


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