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November 08, 2006

Post-Election Odds and Ends
Posted by Shadi Hamid

1. The Guardian turns pro-American? Simon Jenkins tell us that "Americans Should be Proud."

2. Natonal Review self-parody alert....ummm...where to begin? Why is Kathryn Jean Lopez so obsessed with Rick Santorum?

3. David Tell of The Weekly Standard gets award for best election prediction in a conservative mag.

4. Most impressive piece of day after spin. From Hugh Hewitt:

And it is a wonderful day for new media, especially talk radio.  For two years we have had to defend the Congressional gang that couldn't shoot straight.  Now we get to play offense.

5. Democratic troops liberate planet Rush.

6. Ennis wins Montana for Tester?

7. Gracious in defeat? Tally one for Rep. Mike Pence. Self-criticism is cool again in conservative circles. In a statement released earlier today, Pence says:

Election day 2006 will be remembered as a turning point in American political history. Twenty-five years after the Reagan Administration came to Washington with a conservative agenda of limited government, the American people chose a different course.

It is the duty of the losing party in a free election to humbly accept defeat and to acknowledge that the people are sovereign in the People's House.

As we examine the results of this election, it is imperative that we listen to the American people and learn the right lessons.

Some will argue that we lost our majority because of scandals at home and challenges abroad. I say, we did not just lose our majority, we lost our way.


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Hewitt's statement disgusts me. No, conservatives did not "have to" defend the Worst Congress Ever, they chose to.

And perhaps if people like Hewitt had not so mindlessly defended everything the Republican administration and congress did, things wouldn't have gotten so bad.

It's foul that the idea that you don't have to defend someone simply because of the letter that comes after their name seems not to have even occurred to him.

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