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October 13, 2006

Media Matters
Posted by Michael Signer

If you don't already, put Media Matters on your bookmark list and RSS feed.  It was started with the help of former right-wing hit-man David Brock and apparently has some Democracy Alliance money.  It's a fascinating and energetic new effort at doing to the right what the right has done to the left for a couple of decades now -- put them on the defensive for media bias.

A couple of highlights from today's posts:

(1)  They note that both ABC and CNN reported on President Bush saying during his press conference yesterday that Bill Clinton's North Korea policy "didn't work" -- but that the reporters failed to report the fact that plutonium production stopped during the Clinton presidency.  Here's their summary:

The AP's Terence Hunt and NBC News' David Gregory both reported President Bush's "veiled swipe" at the Clinton administration's North Korea policy, in which Bush said, "I appreciate the efforts of previous administrations. It just didn't work." But neither noted that, following the Clinton administration's signing of the 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea, that country did not produce any plutonium until 2002, when the Bush administration abandoned the agreement.

(2)  They observe that network news faithfully carried President Bush's new talking points that he was "open" to change in Iraq -- but failed to note that he has maintained his inflexibility on troop withdrawal, perhaps the most important actual policy to most Americans today.  Here's their summary:

ABC, NBC, and CBS reported that, during a recent press conference, President Bush stated that he is "open" to changing the administration's Iraq war policy, but did not note that, during that same press conference, Bush reiterated his claim that the United States will not "leave before the job is done."

This is a powerfully helpful addition to the media landscape.  We should all pay attention to what they have to say -- particularly in the closing weeks of the current campaign.


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Thank you for the reference. Reporting and publishing the truth is a noble objective and we should support every effort to obtain it. Unfortunately reporters who defy the party line soon become ex-reporters. Corporate profits and the stock market are at all-time highs--what is the truth compared to that?

Ditto the thank you. Of course, bias is so easy to confuse with laziness... (Except ABC of course, which has shown its stripes.)

Gosh, if, according to WaPo, George Soros only has a "modest role" in the Democracy Alliance then it's odd that his name is mentioned three times on the front page of Media Matters. Just a rarety, I suppose. Probably it'll never happen again.

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